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Jun 21, 2008

Screamer stays around long enough to have some of Sam's spaghetti and meatballs. He and Sam talk about when Sam would not let the owner of the bar their band was playing at into his own bar. They also have a story about the worst high school reunion ever. Keith brings back some fond memories of stupid things they did in high school. Before leaving Screamer gives us just a little taste of what he sounded like when he was a D.J. on the local jazz radio station. Doc shows the acting skills that won him best supporting actor in high school, and gives us some news stories in the second half of the show. The comment line is (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at

eleven and a half years ago

My fantasy football team name is always \"Ike Turner\'s Fist.\" And I\'m damn good at it. :)

over eleven years ago

I have another team in a different league called \"1st Down Syndrome\".