The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
Episode 29 (Celebration of Life) First off, sorry to anyone who downloaded show 28 and got no For Whatever Reason intro or music. The wrong file was uploaded, but was quickly replaced with the right file. This show went a little long mostly because we were too drunk to pay attention to the clock, but my sloppy editing due to multitasking didn't help either. We continue with Doc's birthday celebration with Cookie joining us. Doc gives us some entertainment news. We have some Sam Beer and some shots of something Sam bought for Doc's birthday. Doc shares a little slurred Texas history. Near the end of the show Keith has a very inebriated edition of Louisiana coruption news. Thanks to Tim and Nanette at For Whatever Reason for the clips we used on the last couple of shows. Also thanks to everyone for listening. If you want to join in the show you can call us at (206) 309-7308 or e-mail us at Subscribe to our show on iTunes. Listen on podcast alley, podcast pickle. and podcast planet. Check out Sam's 1964 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom guitar at
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Episode 28 (Doc's Birthday)

This ones not a show it is a celebration. We have an update on Sam's bad back, and then we give Doc a little gift for his birthday (a picture of his gift will be on Sam bought something new for us to drink on this show. Sam also gives a rundown of his guitar collection (a picture of Sam's favorite guitar will be posted with our next show). We finish with a marine war game story from Doc. Our comment line is (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at

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Episode 27 (Beer and a Cookie) Cookie joins us for this show, because we didn't think Doc would make it to the end. We get to the booze right away, then we do a few news updates. You guys can find out what you will spend on your wives over a lifetime. A barely conscious Doc breaks us up when he tries to do one of his funny phone bits. Give us a call at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at
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Episode 26 (Slap Ya Mama) Sorry about the sound on this show. The levels were set a bit too high and so was Doc. It was payday for Doc and he started celebrating early. Keith tells the story about the adventure of painting his chimney. We play a couple of clips from the For Whatever Reason show, and spend a little time talking about Sam and Keith's cooking. We also find out what makes a chicken wiggle. Doc wants to know, is that a girl gone wild or is that my daughter? Does anyone listening like beer enough to get it into their body like this guy? You have to stick around to hear Doc painfully stumbling his way to the end of the show. Call us at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at
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It's business as usual on this episode. We have some of Sam's beer and work on that last jar of moonshine. There is a salute to 3 of  America's finest mothers. Doc and Keith have some Louisiana corruption updates with commentary from Sam. Keith and Sam remember the good times they had setting their Gandpa's farm on fire, and of course the stupid news. We are a little behind on posting shows so stay tuned for a couple of shows following right behind this one. Sam is going through some very painfull back procedures which you will probably hear about by show 28. Hi meekeekee glad to hear you are still with us, hope to hear from you soon. Leave your comments at (206)309-7308. E-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Listen at podcast alley,, Podcast Pickle, or
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