The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
This show is a mess! We accidently deleted the first episode 14 and had to do it over. So by the time we recorded this we were drunk, tired, and pissed off. There are a few news stories, and Sam and Keith go where no man has gone before and it is disgusting. Doc lets us know what he thinks of Michael Vick. We also try to decide if kids going back to school is a good thing or bad thing. Email us at or individually at doc, sam, or, You can also comment on the shows at our blog page,
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An interesting show. We do a couple of news stories, and you must be patient with Sam as he tries to be Mr. Wizard to figure out just how strong the moonshine he may or may not have made is. After we open some Sam-Beer Doc reviews condom commercials. Have you ever wondered what the hell the person in front of you in the check out line is going to do with that stuff? Doc has. Find out how Insignificast evolved from it's humble (pathetic) start to the internet sensation it has become. Finally, we find out about how Doc became a carny, and quite a bit of strange insight into the carny life. We really stuffed alot into this one. Let us know what you think about it at, also check out the For Whatever Reason podcast. A nice couple and new friend of our show.
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Episode 12 (Shepherd Pie) For this show Sam has cooked us some Shepherd Pies. Sam and Keith talk about some past trips to New Orleans. We also cover some stupid laws being voted on in Alabama and Louisiana. Always a man of conviction (so to speak) Doc stands up for the rights of ugly strippers. A good time was had by all. Check out photos and past shows at, or see our blog page at E-mail us at, and Doc really wants to hear from someone at
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This show is a little more laid back than or usual show because of Sam's latest experiment in liquor making. We each try his powerfull creation, and the results are pretty damn funny. Doc has a few items and opinions of his own to add. Keith and Sam remember the longest and most exciting vacation they took when they were young kids. It's a good show so check it out. E-mail us at Listen to us at I-Tunes, Podcast Alley,, Podcast Planet, Podcast Pickle, Libsyn, or at our website 
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For our tenth show we prepared even less than usual. Keith has a few stupid news stories on a slow news day. Sam is making a great pot of soup. He also brewed a mild beer for us to try, and he has a not so mild surprise for us that you will have to listen to find out what it is and how he made it. Doc tells us about working at the Tim McGraw / Faith Hill concert. He has a few more items from his Florida comedy paper, from the year 2000, and he tells us about the time he found a dead body. We would really appreciate some feedback from you guys so we can make the show better (if it doesn't involve any effort on our parts). E-mail us at doc, sam, or You can leave a comment on our blog page at See some pictures at your own risk at Thanks for listening.
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