The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
We were probably the most sober we've ever been for this show (especially Doc). You might not be able to tell the difference. After the usual greetings we get right to Sam's new beer. Doc tells us about being back at work on all the shows coming to town. He also tells us who is in those Sesame Street costumes, and about sneeking a peek at some costume changes. Keith talks about the time he played in the band for a weeks run of Anything Goes for very little money. We play a call from a new listener, C.B. from Chicago. Sam tells about the time he took one of his favorite drugs and lost a few days. We also manage to squeeze in some stupid news and comment. Get on the show like our new pal C.B. by calling 206-309-7308. You can also be a part of the show by e-mailing us at Subscribe to the show at iTunes.  Listen at Podcast Alley, Podcast Planet, Podacast Pickle,, or at Our websight is After you listen to us listen to our friends at
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We start this show with a quick update on some of Sam's cooking and his upcoming back surgery. Then we get right to the booze of course. The rest of the show is our usual stupidity as we try to get to all the news stories we don't seem to ever find enough time for. Call with  your comments, questions, or ideas for the show at (206) 309-7308. Send your e-mails to, and subscribe to the show at iTunes.
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The truth about why Doc missed the last 2 shows comes out, and Doc is punished for being AWOL. We take a call from Tim at He has a question about Doc that most listeners have been wondering about also. Keith made hot dogs and chili, and Sam is cooking a pork roast. Sam tries to drink one of his home made beers, but it doesn't go down so well. Keith and Doc have some news stories. Can Sam's moonshine save the people of Jacarta? Call the show at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at
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It's another show without Doc. Find out which country consumes the most alcohol. Keith and Sam try to do their part for the USA by drinking plenty of Sam's home made beer and moonshine. Sam tells what it's like to have lightning strike your house. There is alot of stupid news, and Keith has the Louisiana corruption news (Cops Edition). Call our comment line at (206) 309-7308, or you can e-mail us at Subscribe to the show at iTunes. Listen at podcast alley,,, podcast pickle,, or

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Sam and Keith do this one on their own. It seems that Doc is AWOL. With the help of beer, wine, moonshine, several different pain killers, and some Mexican herbs the boys manage to forge ahead anyway. Sam talks about the brisket he is cooking, and a little talk about the seafood gumbo he made during the week. The guys recap the Jena 6 story along with a few other news items. Keith recalls an accidental trip to the gay mardi gras in New Orleans, and Sam remembers "Too Cool To Do Drugs" pencils he got in school. You can now call us on our comment line at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes, and vote for us on podcast alley.

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