The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
This show has Keith, Sam, and Cookie live in the studio/kitchen, with Doc coming to us by phone from the stage he is guarding at Festival International. Don't let the initial phone problems chase you away. We get them straightened out and manage to do a show that might not make you sick. We also have a little news, stupid audio, and listener feedback. So go ahead and listen, how bad can it be? The comment line is (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at
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This show is long because we were all drunk and just wouldn't shut up. Cookie is with us, and we hear more about her friends taking her out for her birthday. There is also some news, audio clips, music, moonshine, and e-mails. Most of the time is wasted with our slurred conversation. Call our comment line at (206) 309-7308, or send e-mail to
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That's right Meekeekee is back and better than ever. Cookie joins the guys for a fun show. After we catch up on what's been going on with everyone we hear about Cookie's prebirthday meal she just had with her friends. To celebrate Meekeekee's return we are drinking beer from Florida and Tequila Rose. Besides Meekeekee's e-mails we say hello to new listener Jake, and C.B. wants to know where Cookie got her nickname. For a big finish we get a call from local listener Dee Dee that takes Doc's breath away. Call us at (206) 309-7308, or send your e-mails to
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Doc's roommate, Ard, joins us on the show. Beer, scotch, bourbon, and moonshine are consumed on this one. Ard tells us how he and Doc met and ended up living in the same house. He also talks about the year he spent working in Iraq, and the daily incoming artilery that they had to deal with. There is also feedback, stupid news, and stupid audio for you. Listen to some good music at Call us at (206)309-7308, or send e-mails to
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So maybe having a porn movie playing while we tried to do a show was not our best idea ever. Especially with Doc being half in the bag before we even got started. We just could not deny our loyal listeners the screen debut of our own Doc in that epic of the high seas, Captain Lust. Despite the distractions we manage to get in some listener feedback that includes a call from Greg Sonnier from The Gumbo Brothers. Sam and Doc surprise Keith with 3 new jars of liquid death. We even find time for a belated revue of some of last years top stupid stories, all in a little over an hour. To get some funk in your face go to To tell us how bad we are call (206) 309-7308. Send your e-mails to Check out the blog page at
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Episode 59 (Bleu is Back) We're drinking shots of  Alize' Bleu. Doc gives his opinion of having a woman President. What century is this? Sam has a short story about a trip to Texas. We have some funny audio of guys turning the tables on telemarketers. Have you guys checked out yet? Well hurry up, it is new and improved. Call us at (206 309-7308), or e-mail us at Check out the blog page at 
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