The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
Episode 3 (Too Drunk?) 5/19/07 This is really part 2 of episode 2 and the beer is starting to kick in. We talk about credit cards, Rosie (sorry), Memphis, and who knows what the hell Doc is talking about at the end. You can let us know if we should have stopped after the first hour, so we will know next time that too much beer might bring the show down (I doubt it). We are having a great time doing this crap. Thanks for listening. E-mail us at doc, sam, or
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Episode 2  (Mile Marker 69) 5/19/07 We were having such a good time we made this show into 2 parts. The first hour we talk about the beer Sam made this week. He also cooked a roast and fried catfish. Doc gives us some funny news stories, and Keith gets Sam to tell his mile marker 69 story. I'm sure that you will like this story, also stay tuned for the 2nd hour which will be posted soon. E-mail us at sam, doc, or Thanks for listening.
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Episode 1 (What's Show Prep?) 5/15/07   We put our first show together at the last minute, so give us a break we're still learning. The show starts with just Keith and Sam, but Doc does show up at the end. We tell you a little about ourselves, and cover some stupid things we found in the news. Hope you enjoy the first show. We have a great second show ready that will be posted very soon. You can e-mail each of us at either doc, sam, or You can also see pictures of us at
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