The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
Episode 19 (Da Bomb) On this show there is some beer, some shots, and alot of bitching. First we find out that along with his bad back and bad butt, Sam has bad eyes. Then Doc has a few words for the folks who tried to blow Louisiana up real good with nuclear (nucular in Texas) bombs. Finally we spend more time than we should have talking about censorship. We usually keep the sermons shorter so we can get back to the stupidity, but sometimes you just get carried away. Subscribe on iTunes, vote for us at podcast alley, hear us at podcast planet, podcast pickle. and E-mail us at Visit our site at, and leave us a comment at our comment line (206) 309-7308.
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The adventure begins with the 3 new microphones Keith bought for the show. Look out for some popping and clipping as we figure out how to set our new, and more sensitive microphones. After we talk about the sound problems Sam makes Doc cringe when he describes his most painfull medical procedure. Doc answers his e-mails, and Keith reads an e-mail from listener Meekeekee, who sheds some more light on the Lobster Boy story that we brought up on a previous show. Keith and Sam do some high school reminiscing, and we throw in just a little bit of news. Thanks to all the new listeners. You can subscribe to the show on i-tunes. We are also on Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle,, and Podcast Planet. E-mail us at Comment line is coming soon.
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The Insignificast guys are joined by Cousin Marcus, Sam's girlfriend Cookie, and Cookie's friend Kelly. The guests from our last show hang around for more fun and games. The ladies give their top 5 hot guys list, and Marcus seems to be uncomfortably happy with the guys they choose. Cookie wants to know which women are on the guy's top 5 list. Kelly holds her own under tough grilling from the Insignificast gang. There are a few jokes told, some booze poured, and alot of fun had by all. Thanks to our guests, we had a great show. Let us know what you think at Vote for us at podcast alley. Subscribe to our show at iTunes. Thanks for listening. Our audience is growing and we love it.

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This was really a fun show to do. We started out by thanking Tim and Nanette from the For Whatever Reason show for their support, then we give them a call on their comment line. Check out their show it's great. After we do a couple of news stories and talk a little we decide to pause to grab a beer and that is when all hell breaks loose. Sam and Keith's cousin Marcus show up at the door, followed by Sam's girlfriend Cookie and her friend, 22 year old Kelly, who happens to be hot. They all join in the show and we have a great time. We find out about Kelly, and Doc tells us about scaring the crap out of people on his rides when he was a carny. Cookie tells her own story about almost dying on a carnival ride, but she didn't care because she was high. There are a few Cajun phrases that I'm sure you will be able to figure out, and Marcus is just being Marcus. It's a crazy fun show. E-mail us at

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When we started this show we were so tired and so drunk that I thought I would never post it. Then Doc dropped a bombshell that changed everything. First we talk about a Texas milestone. Their 400th execution since reinstating the death penalty. Then just when the show looked like it was going nowhere Doc answered the question that has been on eveyone's minds for many years. What does a Mexican bar that puts on donkey sex shows do when the donkey gets sick. Yes Doc knows. He also explains what you do when you only have one Korean hooker, but you have five guys interested in her services. So you can see the show was not a total loss after all. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, or listen at podcast alley, podcast pickle, pod planet,, libsyn, and You can e-mail us at

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