The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
This is the second hour we did that night, so we were pretty ripped by the time we did this show. We have a few more stupid news stories, and Doc continues to find odd things in a magazine he brought back from Florida over 7 years ago. You have to check out how, in our intoxicated haze, Doc's simple Pinocchio story becomes the funniest joke we have ever heard. This is the perfect show to listen to if you are really wasted, or to play for your kids to show what years of drug and alcohol abuse can do to your brain. E-mail either of us at doc, sam, or
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Episode 8 (Cajun Pizza - 1) 7/18/07 On this show Doc has some beer slogans for Sam's home made beer, Sam cooks a Cajun deep dish pizza, Keith has the "stupid news", and another of Sam and Keith's adventure stories. Somebody out there must think we suck enough to let us know. You can do it at either doc, sam or Hope you like the show.
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Episode 7 (Don't Eat The Cream Sauce) 7/3/07 Seven is a lucky number. You can't miss this show, it is full of great stuff. Sam is serving up some of his own pilsner beer, and cooking fried pork chops. Doc is pissed (again) about Scooter, and Keith is pissed about Presidential Pardons in general. We also hate TV weather, and savings bonds. The highlight of this show is the story of Sam (aka Kenneth) and Keith's trip to Houston, that they took many years ago. You have to hear this story to believe it. We might still have the record for the number of bars kicked out of, on one block, in the same night. You can e-mail us at doc, sam, or Enjoy the show guys.
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Episode 6 (Doc The Vagrant) 6/21/07

On this show we talk about Sam's drugs, Sam's beer, Sam's back, Doc's arrests, and lots of stupid news. We manage to do it all in under an hour. Even with all the technical problems we had this time, the show tuned out pretty good. Hope you listen in. E-mail us at doc, sam, or

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Episode 5 (Sam's Ribs) 6/14/07

  In this show we have Doc's ex, stupid news, and of course Sam's beer. Sam is cooking ribs this week, and they are great. Go to to check them out. It's late so the show notes will be short. E-mail us please at doc, sam, or If anyone is out there let us know. Thanks for listening.

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Sorry guys but this was a long one. Time really flies when you're drinking Sam's home made beer. We start with Keith talking about the problems he had getting the website up and running. Doc tells a little about his work as a concert stage hand, and Sam talks about and old friend of his called Afghani Danny. Sam is making some boudin for us to eat. If you want to know what boudin is you have to listen. I'm beginning to wonder if our e-mail is still working, so you guys need to let us know how bad we suck, and what you hate about the show. Send the hate mail to doc, sam, or
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