The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!
This is the last show that we recorded before Sam's back operation, and his bad disk makes a special appearance to tell it's side of things. We find out a little about Doc's day. There is stupid news, stupid conversation, and Absinthe. Stay tuned for Sam's return, which we will record on New Years Eve. I hope to post that show as soon as I can. If you want to be a part of the show call (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at
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On this show we have some more Absinthe. Doc talks about his latest problems at work, and cheers everyone up with the latest celebrity deaths. After our Absinthe shots we go over the effects of the "Green Fairy" for a while. We finally answer alot of questions when we do our own version of Doc...This is Your Life. Before we finish we go over some things you can do with beer. If you want to contact us call (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at Subcribe at iTunes, or just listen at podcast alley, podcast pickle, pod planet, or The website is, and the blog page is

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Not alot of show notes for this one. We get right to the booze for this show. First a long overdue 3 beer salute for Meekeekee. Then we move on to a shot of Alize Bleu. Most of the rest of the show is spent talking with Doc about his model building. There are some detours and stupidity along the way, or course. You can call us at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at Subscribe at iTunes.
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Back to the basics for this show. We do some drinking of course, and Sam is making some pies with his Thanksgiving leftovers. We talk about what has been happening with us, and do some stupid news. We also find out that Doc has another hobby besides drinking beer. Give us a call at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes. You can leave a comment about the show at
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It's only been a few days, but here is another show for you guys. We start with our promised three beer salute to Meekeekee. Then we get right back to the Absinthe shots. Tim from the For Whatever Reason show gave us a call wanting to know about racism in LA, our new governor, and boudin. The absinthe starts to take it's toll about halfway through this one. Doc is pissed about the number of Marine deserters these days, he also thinks the next big threat to our country is cabbage. We would like to hear from some more of you guys, so if we offended you with this show or even if we didn't you can tell us about it at (206) 309-7308. You can e-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or help us out with a vote on podcast alley.

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Episode 30 (Absinthe Day) To be a little different eveyone started this show sober. Sam fixed that by breaking out the absinthe that just arrived. If anyone doesn't know about absinthe you have to check out this show to learn it's evil power. Sam made a new beer for us to try.  Doc is upset with the Jack Daniels company. Doc also tells us what happpened to him when Cats finally came to town. If you know Doc you won't be surprised. Meekeekee sends us a picture (I think Doc is in love). Then we get to the green fairy (absinthe picture on our blog page). You would have to try this stuff to believe it, but this show might give you some idea of what it is like. After the absinthe we do some news stories, but thanks to the absinthe we repeat a story we had done on a previous show and nobody even notices. This show was a fun one and almost slurred word free. Subscribe at iTunes. Listen at podcast alley, podcast pickle. podcast planet, or Our blog page is Our website is The comment line is (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at
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Episode 29 (Celebration of Life) First off, sorry to anyone who downloaded show 28 and got no For Whatever Reason intro or music. The wrong file was uploaded, but was quickly replaced with the right file. This show went a little long mostly because we were too drunk to pay attention to the clock, but my sloppy editing due to multitasking didn't help either. We continue with Doc's birthday celebration with Cookie joining us. Doc gives us some entertainment news. We have some Sam Beer and some shots of something Sam bought for Doc's birthday. Doc shares a little slurred Texas history. Near the end of the show Keith has a very inebriated edition of Louisiana coruption news. Thanks to Tim and Nanette at For Whatever Reason for the clips we used on the last couple of shows. Also thanks to everyone for listening. If you want to join in the show you can call us at (206) 309-7308 or e-mail us at Subscribe to our show on iTunes. Listen on podcast alley, podcast pickle. and podcast planet. Check out Sam's 1964 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom guitar at
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Episode 28 (Doc's Birthday)

This ones not a show it is a celebration. We have an update on Sam's bad back, and then we give Doc a little gift for his birthday (a picture of his gift will be on Sam bought something new for us to drink on this show. Sam also gives a rundown of his guitar collection (a picture of Sam's favorite guitar will be posted with our next show). We finish with a marine war game story from Doc. Our comment line is (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at

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Episode 27 (Beer and a Cookie) Cookie joins us for this show, because we didn't think Doc would make it to the end. We get to the booze right away, then we do a few news updates. You guys can find out what you will spend on your wives over a lifetime. A barely conscious Doc breaks us up when he tries to do one of his funny phone bits. Give us a call at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at
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Episode 26 (Slap Ya Mama) Sorry about the sound on this show. The levels were set a bit too high and so was Doc. It was payday for Doc and he started celebrating early. Keith tells the story about the adventure of painting his chimney. We play a couple of clips from the For Whatever Reason show, and spend a little time talking about Sam and Keith's cooking. We also find out what makes a chicken wiggle. Doc wants to know, is that a girl gone wild or is that my daughter? Does anyone listening like beer enough to get it into their body like this guy? You have to stick around to hear Doc painfully stumbling his way to the end of the show. Call us at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at
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It's business as usual on this episode. We have some of Sam's beer and work on that last jar of moonshine. There is a salute to 3 of  America's finest mothers. Doc and Keith have some Louisiana corruption updates with commentary from Sam. Keith and Sam remember the good times they had setting their Gandpa's farm on fire, and of course the stupid news. We are a little behind on posting shows so stay tuned for a couple of shows following right behind this one. Sam is going through some very painfull back procedures which you will probably hear about by show 28. Hi meekeekee glad to hear you are still with us, hope to hear from you soon. Leave your comments at (206)309-7308. E-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Listen at podcast alley,, Podcast Pickle, or
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We were probably the most sober we've ever been for this show (especially Doc). You might not be able to tell the difference. After the usual greetings we get right to Sam's new beer. Doc tells us about being back at work on all the shows coming to town. He also tells us who is in those Sesame Street costumes, and about sneeking a peek at some costume changes. Keith talks about the time he played in the band for a weeks run of Anything Goes for very little money. We play a call from a new listener, C.B. from Chicago. Sam tells about the time he took one of his favorite drugs and lost a few days. We also manage to squeeze in some stupid news and comment. Get on the show like our new pal C.B. by calling 206-309-7308. You can also be a part of the show by e-mailing us at Subscribe to the show at iTunes.  Listen at Podcast Alley, Podcast Planet, Podacast Pickle,, or at Our websight is After you listen to us listen to our friends at
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We start this show with a quick update on some of Sam's cooking and his upcoming back surgery. Then we get right to the booze of course. The rest of the show is our usual stupidity as we try to get to all the news stories we don't seem to ever find enough time for. Call with  your comments, questions, or ideas for the show at (206) 309-7308. Send your e-mails to, and subscribe to the show at iTunes.
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The truth about why Doc missed the last 2 shows comes out, and Doc is punished for being AWOL. We take a call from Tim at He has a question about Doc that most listeners have been wondering about also. Keith made hot dogs and chili, and Sam is cooking a pork roast. Sam tries to drink one of his home made beers, but it doesn't go down so well. Keith and Doc have some news stories. Can Sam's moonshine save the people of Jacarta? Call the show at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at
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It's another show without Doc. Find out which country consumes the most alcohol. Keith and Sam try to do their part for the USA by drinking plenty of Sam's home made beer and moonshine. Sam tells what it's like to have lightning strike your house. There is alot of stupid news, and Keith has the Louisiana corruption news (Cops Edition). Call our comment line at (206) 309-7308, or you can e-mail us at Subscribe to the show at iTunes. Listen at podcast alley,,, podcast pickle,, or

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Sam and Keith do this one on their own. It seems that Doc is AWOL. With the help of beer, wine, moonshine, several different pain killers, and some Mexican herbs the boys manage to forge ahead anyway. Sam talks about the brisket he is cooking, and a little talk about the seafood gumbo he made during the week. The guys recap the Jena 6 story along with a few other news items. Keith recalls an accidental trip to the gay mardi gras in New Orleans, and Sam remembers "Too Cool To Do Drugs" pencils he got in school. You can now call us on our comment line at (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes, and vote for us on podcast alley.

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Episode 19 (Da Bomb) On this show there is some beer, some shots, and alot of bitching. First we find out that along with his bad back and bad butt, Sam has bad eyes. Then Doc has a few words for the folks who tried to blow Louisiana up real good with nuclear (nucular in Texas) bombs. Finally we spend more time than we should have talking about censorship. We usually keep the sermons shorter so we can get back to the stupidity, but sometimes you just get carried away. Subscribe on iTunes, vote for us at podcast alley, hear us at podcast planet, podcast pickle. and E-mail us at Visit our site at, and leave us a comment at our comment line (206) 309-7308.
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The adventure begins with the 3 new microphones Keith bought for the show. Look out for some popping and clipping as we figure out how to set our new, and more sensitive microphones. After we talk about the sound problems Sam makes Doc cringe when he describes his most painfull medical procedure. Doc answers his e-mails, and Keith reads an e-mail from listener Meekeekee, who sheds some more light on the Lobster Boy story that we brought up on a previous show. Keith and Sam do some high school reminiscing, and we throw in just a little bit of news. Thanks to all the new listeners. You can subscribe to the show on i-tunes. We are also on Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle,, and Podcast Planet. E-mail us at Comment line is coming soon.
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The Insignificast guys are joined by Cousin Marcus, Sam's girlfriend Cookie, and Cookie's friend Kelly. The guests from our last show hang around for more fun and games. The ladies give their top 5 hot guys list, and Marcus seems to be uncomfortably happy with the guys they choose. Cookie wants to know which women are on the guy's top 5 list. Kelly holds her own under tough grilling from the Insignificast gang. There are a few jokes told, some booze poured, and alot of fun had by all. Thanks to our guests, we had a great show. Let us know what you think at Vote for us at podcast alley. Subscribe to our show at iTunes. Thanks for listening. Our audience is growing and we love it.

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This was really a fun show to do. We started out by thanking Tim and Nanette from the For Whatever Reason show for their support, then we give them a call on their comment line. Check out their show it's great. After we do a couple of news stories and talk a little we decide to pause to grab a beer and that is when all hell breaks loose. Sam and Keith's cousin Marcus show up at the door, followed by Sam's girlfriend Cookie and her friend, 22 year old Kelly, who happens to be hot. They all join in the show and we have a great time. We find out about Kelly, and Doc tells us about scaring the crap out of people on his rides when he was a carny. Cookie tells her own story about almost dying on a carnival ride, but she didn't care because she was high. There are a few Cajun phrases that I'm sure you will be able to figure out, and Marcus is just being Marcus. It's a crazy fun show. E-mail us at

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When we started this show we were so tired and so drunk that I thought I would never post it. Then Doc dropped a bombshell that changed everything. First we talk about a Texas milestone. Their 400th execution since reinstating the death penalty. Then just when the show looked like it was going nowhere Doc answered the question that has been on eveyone's minds for many years. What does a Mexican bar that puts on donkey sex shows do when the donkey gets sick. Yes Doc knows. He also explains what you do when you only have one Korean hooker, but you have five guys interested in her services. So you can see the show was not a total loss after all. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, or listen at podcast alley, podcast pickle, pod planet,, libsyn, and You can e-mail us at

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This show is a mess! We accidently deleted the first episode 14 and had to do it over. So by the time we recorded this we were drunk, tired, and pissed off. There are a few news stories, and Sam and Keith go where no man has gone before and it is disgusting. Doc lets us know what he thinks of Michael Vick. We also try to decide if kids going back to school is a good thing or bad thing. Email us at or individually at doc, sam, or, You can also comment on the shows at our blog page,
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An interesting show. We do a couple of news stories, and you must be patient with Sam as he tries to be Mr. Wizard to figure out just how strong the moonshine he may or may not have made is. After we open some Sam-Beer Doc reviews condom commercials. Have you ever wondered what the hell the person in front of you in the check out line is going to do with that stuff? Doc has. Find out how Insignificast evolved from it's humble (pathetic) start to the internet sensation it has become. Finally, we find out about how Doc became a carny, and quite a bit of strange insight into the carny life. We really stuffed alot into this one. Let us know what you think about it at, also check out the For Whatever Reason podcast. A nice couple and new friend of our show.
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Episode 12 (Shepherd Pie) For this show Sam has cooked us some Shepherd Pies. Sam and Keith talk about some past trips to New Orleans. We also cover some stupid laws being voted on in Alabama and Louisiana. Always a man of conviction (so to speak) Doc stands up for the rights of ugly strippers. A good time was had by all. Check out photos and past shows at, or see our blog page at E-mail us at, and Doc really wants to hear from someone at
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This show is a little more laid back than or usual show because of Sam's latest experiment in liquor making. We each try his powerfull creation, and the results are pretty damn funny. Doc has a few items and opinions of his own to add. Keith and Sam remember the longest and most exciting vacation they took when they were young kids. It's a good show so check it out. E-mail us at Listen to us at I-Tunes, Podcast Alley,, Podcast Planet, Podcast Pickle, Libsyn, or at our website 
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For our tenth show we prepared even less than usual. Keith has a few stupid news stories on a slow news day. Sam is making a great pot of soup. He also brewed a mild beer for us to try, and he has a not so mild surprise for us that you will have to listen to find out what it is and how he made it. Doc tells us about working at the Tim McGraw / Faith Hill concert. He has a few more items from his Florida comedy paper, from the year 2000, and he tells us about the time he found a dead body. We would really appreciate some feedback from you guys so we can make the show better (if it doesn't involve any effort on our parts). E-mail us at doc, sam, or You can leave a comment on our blog page at See some pictures at your own risk at Thanks for listening.
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This is the second hour we did that night, so we were pretty ripped by the time we did this show. We have a few more stupid news stories, and Doc continues to find odd things in a magazine he brought back from Florida over 7 years ago. You have to check out how, in our intoxicated haze, Doc's simple Pinocchio story becomes the funniest joke we have ever heard. This is the perfect show to listen to if you are really wasted, or to play for your kids to show what years of drug and alcohol abuse can do to your brain. E-mail either of us at doc, sam, or
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Episode 8 (Cajun Pizza - 1) 7/18/07 On this show Doc has some beer slogans for Sam's home made beer, Sam cooks a Cajun deep dish pizza, Keith has the "stupid news", and another of Sam and Keith's adventure stories. Somebody out there must think we suck enough to let us know. You can do it at either doc, sam or Hope you like the show.
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Episode 7 (Don't Eat The Cream Sauce) 7/3/07 Seven is a lucky number. You can't miss this show, it is full of great stuff. Sam is serving up some of his own pilsner beer, and cooking fried pork chops. Doc is pissed (again) about Scooter, and Keith is pissed about Presidential Pardons in general. We also hate TV weather, and savings bonds. The highlight of this show is the story of Sam (aka Kenneth) and Keith's trip to Houston, that they took many years ago. You have to hear this story to believe it. We might still have the record for the number of bars kicked out of, on one block, in the same night. You can e-mail us at doc, sam, or Enjoy the show guys.
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Episode 6 (Doc The Vagrant) 6/21/07

On this show we talk about Sam's drugs, Sam's beer, Sam's back, Doc's arrests, and lots of stupid news. We manage to do it all in under an hour. Even with all the technical problems we had this time, the show tuned out pretty good. Hope you listen in. E-mail us at doc, sam, or

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Episode 5 (Sam's Ribs) 6/14/07

  In this show we have Doc's ex, stupid news, and of course Sam's beer. Sam is cooking ribs this week, and they are great. Go to to check them out. It's late so the show notes will be short. E-mail us please at doc, sam, or If anyone is out there let us know. Thanks for listening.

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Sorry guys but this was a long one. Time really flies when you're drinking Sam's home made beer. We start with Keith talking about the problems he had getting the website up and running. Doc tells a little about his work as a concert stage hand, and Sam talks about and old friend of his called Afghani Danny. Sam is making some boudin for us to eat. If you want to know what boudin is you have to listen. I'm beginning to wonder if our e-mail is still working, so you guys need to let us know how bad we suck, and what you hate about the show. Send the hate mail to doc, sam, or
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Episode 3 (Too Drunk?) 5/19/07 This is really part 2 of episode 2 and the beer is starting to kick in. We talk about credit cards, Rosie (sorry), Memphis, and who knows what the hell Doc is talking about at the end. You can let us know if we should have stopped after the first hour, so we will know next time that too much beer might bring the show down (I doubt it). We are having a great time doing this crap. Thanks for listening. E-mail us at doc, sam, or
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Episode 2  (Mile Marker 69) 5/19/07 We were having such a good time we made this show into 2 parts. The first hour we talk about the beer Sam made this week. He also cooked a roast and fried catfish. Doc gives us some funny news stories, and Keith gets Sam to tell his mile marker 69 story. I'm sure that you will like this story, also stay tuned for the 2nd hour which will be posted soon. E-mail us at sam, doc, or Thanks for listening.
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Episode 1 (What's Show Prep?) 5/15/07   We put our first show together at the last minute, so give us a break we're still learning. The show starts with just Keith and Sam, but Doc does show up at the end. We tell you a little about ourselves, and cover some stupid things we found in the news. Hope you enjoy the first show. We have a great second show ready that will be posted very soon. You can e-mail each of us at either doc, sam, or You can also see pictures of us at
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