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Feb 9, 2017

The gang is back and are loaded stumbling through conversation. Dane had a great day. Relationships. Invasion of the animals. Doc's gonna die anyway. Sam' smelly balls. if it goes bad start drinking...maybe not. Call the comment line at (337) 366-1606. Thanks for listening.

Dec 30, 2016

Sam drunkenly deletes the podcast so here is an oldie. This is dedicated to our dear friend who was taken way too soon. Gods Speed Screamer.

Dec 19, 2016

The gang is back and drinking the pain away. Getting the Christmas Show out of the way. Charlie Brownstain. Fun with Karen Carpenter. Christmas farts. Beer tasting. Call the comment line at (337) 366-1606. Thanks for listening.


Nov 3, 2016

The gang is soon. Sam is gone 17 hours a day and trying to keep up, will try to post podcast on schedule. Thanks for listening. Don't worry, things will get better?

Sep 22, 2016

The gang is back and starting to get the relaxation induced. Dane has new music on Bandcamp. Keith has to clean out his Dane has a high IQ, on a role playing game. Great Brady Music. Dane does The News. Sam starts on the meds.  Call the comment line at 9337) 366-1606. Thanks for listening.