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Mar 17, 2008

Sam is cooking beef tonight, and he has a surprise for Doc. He not only has ordered a copy of Captain Lust, which Doc appeared in, he also found a copy of the movie poster. Doc tells us a little more about his trip to New York to do a sexy magazine shoot and an x-rated movie. Just when we thought we were done with the absinthe it pulls us back in. We have some e-mails, and a call from Tim from For Whatever Reason. Bob from Washington sends a picture and funny audio. We finish with The Gumbo Brothers. Get their cd's at Call us at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at

Listener Thomas
almost twelve years ago

I\'ve known Tim (for whatever reason) for 15 years, and I\'m pretty sure the Queensryche caller wasn\'t him.


eleven and a half years ago

That caller is me. I need to mind my manners when I call and leave my name. Take Care C.B.