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Dec 31, 2009

The gang is still celebrating and drinking. There is still some gifts left to open. Trevor shows up in time to try some Dixie Beer that got some very mixed reviews. Due to some computer problems that lasted all night the guys never could get to the listener e-mail,sorry guys, they will get cought up as soon as possible. There was some Poop Culture and of course a lot of drunken conversation. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Get the Intoxicomedy guys at Thanks for listening.

eleven and a half years ago

For what it\'s worth, we NEVER rely on anything live on the computer other than pre-assigned sounds during the show. In other words, if we need mail, we print it or we set up the sound files ahead of time. If we need something from the web, I download it ahead of time and set it up locally. I don\'t trust the network and I don\'\'t trust programs to open. It\'s all set up BEFORE the show starts.

eleven and a half years ago

Tim can also get you a hell of a deal on Ugg Boots.

Happy new year, you Fox hatin\\\' commies. :)