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Oct 26, 2009

The guys are feeling pretty good for a change, a good reason to drink. Doc misses the Ice Gators opener but he gets happy when he hears The Dirty Song. Keith gives up on all of his dreams and Doc tries to count his brain cells. The very mediocre Tards team still manages to hang on to first place. There is some silly Christmas tunes sung and Doc calls Keith and Sam sick. We do some Doc news that turns to conversation about hot sauce and seasoning. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit On twitter Doc is doctordoc and Sam is samtard. Thanks for listening.

six and a half years ago

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Thanks, Riles.When Regina pushed Cora thugorh the mirror, I was absolutely sure she was sending Cora to Wonderland (to become the future Queen of Hearts). But then the ending when Cora showed up in Emma and Mary M's pit threw me for a loop and made me doubt that Cora had really gone to Wonderland after all. But I think you're on to something. Maybe she did go first to Wonderland and then somehow made her way (or was taken) to FTL later on.I think Storybrooke Regina was sincere, at least for a moment, in wanting to renounce magic, become a better person, and do the right thing for Henry. At first, when she was telling Henry to go with David, I thought it was a trick. But then when she almost burned the book and then changed her mind that all seemed real. I agree with you that it's an addiction and she will inevitably relapse. But, at the same time, she really does not want to become like her mother even though she already has. So there's an interesting tension there. [url=]eofwkogua[/url] [link=]zjuxhsse[/link]

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six and a half years ago

Monica, Jefferson was from Wonderland, which was a whole different world from FTL, and the curse aefcfted him differently than it did anyone else. He always remembered who he was. So maybe his daughter might not have been aefcfted in the same way everyone else was maybe she didn't wake up when the curse was broken??The scene with Jefferson left a lot of unanswered questions. Why did his car turn over? Where was he going when he crashed? Why did he have the tea set and the stuffed bunny? Why did he run away from David? I'm leaning towards thinking that someone kidnapped Pinocchio while he was still immobilized though he may have turned all the way back into a man and walked out himself.Robin, I agree the episode was creepy, but I thought it was good kind of creepy. Tara and Princess Donna I'm going to agree more with Tara here. I think that David/Prince Charming is a relatively bland character. I think the evil characters Rumpel and Regina are the most vivid in the show, followed by the kick-ass Snow. I do find the new, feistier David more interesting than the pre-curse-breaking David the new David is not as swashbuckling as the FTL Prince and not as cowardly as the old David, but something of a combination of the two. I also like the way he's become a reluctant leader which reminds me of some aspects of LOST (I may write more about that later). But even the new David is not as fascinating to me as Rumpel, Regina, and Snow and that may have something to do with the acting, I think Josh Dallas is doing a good job, but Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, and Ginnifer Goodwin take it to a whole other level.