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Aug 28, 2007

An interesting show. We do a couple of news stories, and you must be patient with Sam as he tries to be Mr. Wizard to figure out just how strong the moonshine he may or may not have made is. After we open some Sam-Beer Doc reviews condom commercials. Have you ever wondered what the hell the person in front of you in the check out line is going to do with that stuff? Doc has. Find out how Insignificast evolved from it's humble (pathetic) start to the internet sensation it has become. Finally, we find out about how Doc became a carny, and quite a bit of strange insight into the carny life. We really stuffed alot into this one. Let us know what you think about it at, also check out the For Whatever Reason podcast. A nice couple and new friend of our show.

almost fourteen years ago

Ok --- I live here in Tampa, FL, just a mere 15 or 20 miles away from Gib Town. The story of Lobster boy (from what I heard) goes ----> Lobster (Dad) and his wife (not a lobster)had a few kids. Some of which actually had the same lobster traits of their dad. The kids were older I think (like 16-20)and Lobster dad used to beat on the mom. He would like grab her with his claw hands and such. Apparently the daughter had a boyfriend and they conspired to kill lobster dad becuz he used to beat up mom and the kids too. So one day they came home (the daughter and boyfriend) and I guess lobster dad had ahold of mom and the boyfriend shot him and killed him. Also -- I never really believed this story (Im originally from Jax,FL) but one day I found this station they used to have on TV that was like anyone could go and have a show (public access). Well guess who had a show? The Lobster Boy (son of lobster dad). And he really did have lobster like hands and that was really wierd.
I actually have a friend who is a carnie (his dad owns some games and all) and I always tease him about being a Carnie (but he doesnt live in Gib town he lives here in Tampa). Hey Doc -- ever spend the night in the Drunk Tank?????? Well your show is entertaining in a strange way! keep it up.