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Mar 21, 2009

Atlas may shrug...but Doc trots. In mid segment Doc takes flight around the block to pinch off a growler. When he makes it back we do Doc news, answer calls and mail, and a little Dr. Doc. Call the coment line at (206) 309-7308.Visit and Thanks for listening.

six and a half years ago

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six and a half years ago

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almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

Helliw. Long time no communicate! I hope you are all dandy and well. I see you've had some good shows on renltcey, and some good uns coming up. I shall do my utmost to get down to one soon. I'm keen to play a date in Birmingham in May this year. As I'm no longer running Bohemian Jukebox events on a regular basis, could you consider me to play a support slot for any dates you have going in May?Hope so. Take it easy,Ben.

almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

well i haven't seen any score yet that's the same like an MotionPicture OST, but the difference is; a MPOST is 9/10 the songs from bands/rappers/singers, etc. The SCORE is a music cooiositpmn album, to use as background music (helps to stimulate the emotion in some scenes, like in battles or death-scenes). Randy Newman obviously made the custom-background music (proof,watch this>> /watch?v=VYSTn8oShjc )