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Sep 20, 2008

For part 1 of this show we are joined again by Tony B., and we talk about Hurricane Ike. The winds were still strong outside while we did the show. We get an update on what Tony has been up to, and Keith talks about what it was like going to work after a hurricane and during a tropical storm. Also there is plenty of news from Doc, with comments from Sam. Be sure to check out part 2 of the show, we had a great time on the 2nd half also. Call us at (206) 309-7308, or send e-mails to

almost twelve years ago

Under and hour - like God intended.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
almost twelve years ago

2 shows or 1 show, it all goes down the same way.
Aussie chicks are truly some beautifull examples of the female species.
48 hours is way too long for you Doc. Somebody please get a beer code red.
Aren\'t fingers the key secret ingredient in all southern cooking.