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Sep 13, 2008

Sorry the show is late, they will come earlier in the week in the future. Computer problems and hurricane clean up slowed me down. It is our first "one show a week" episode. It is Keith, Sam, and Doc in the studio/kitchen for this one. We remember Hurricane Gustav for a while, and have alot of news from Doc and Keith. There is great listener contributions from Jeffery, Bob, Sarah, and C.B. Let us know how you feel about one long show a week on our comment line (206) 309-7308, or by e-mail at

almost twelve years ago

Sam, Sam, Sam....

Hall & Oates didn\'t do \"What\'s he got\".
It was seminal Atlanta band The Producers, who\'s only other hit was \"She Sheila\".

BTW, I\'m a Velvet Underground fan, and I say let Doc do \"Venus in furs\", He\'s gotta be better than Nico.

almost twelve years ago

Speaking of Hall & Oates, check out The \"Yacht Rock series. Funny shit.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
almost twelve years ago

Hello one and all,
I have a request for the band. The request is \"The Stroke\" by Billy Squier for Captain Lust.
Fat Tire is a beer that is made in Colorado. Its the only good beer that comes out of Colorado.
Got \"Cans\"?
A sex cruise with Captain Lust sounds like it would attract all of the \"Cans\" and by golly that is a good thing.