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Jun 24, 2008

We finally have a good reason for not finishing the show on time. It's our 1 year anniversary and everyone is in Sam's kitchen for this one. Screamer, Tony, Cookie, Keith, Sam, and Doc celebrate with alot of alcohol and the usual stupidity. Doc gets it started with a couple of his funny yet disgusting news stories, and Keith also has news stories to tell. A couple of great pictures from Meekeekee and Nicole leave Doc speechless for the first time ever. We also get to as many comments, e-mails, and call as we can, but some have to wait for the next show. Thanks to all the listeners, old and new, who have made our first year so much fun. Call us at (206) 309-7308. Send your e-mails to Don't forget about our favorite funky band at They support our show so do us a favor and check out their great music.

Jeffrey from Nebraska
almost thirteen years ago

Keith, Sam, Doc and of course Cookie,
Congratulations on your one year anniversery. May you guys and Cookie have alot of years left in your young bodies. Take care now.