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May 24, 2008

The beer and the shots continue to flow on this show. Cookie is drinking hard to try and do the show just like Doc would if he had bothered to show up for it. She tells us some more about growing up on the bayou. Sam talks about his trips down the bayou with Cookie. We also play some stupid 911 calls. The comment line is (206) 309-7308. Our e-mail address is

Jeffrey from Nebraska
over thirteen years ago

This was another great show. I starte listening to your show a while ago and each show gets better and better. Tha tis what I would call a \"fuckity\" type of situation. I feel sorry for Doc when he gets back to the show. Guys and Cookie keep up the awesome work and take care of yourself and the \"alleged\" moonshine.

over thirteen years ago

You should make Doc drink a Miller Chill out of Cookie\'s Weejuns.