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Aug 19, 2013

The gang is back and drinking in a more normal environment. Keith stops by right after the start. Dane's Granny in Senior Olympics. Sam gets sucked on. Doc calls in. Sam bleeds all over. The cables have been fixed. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Thanks for listening.

over seven years ago

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க மத ன வ ய ன ல ம பச த தன ம ப க த ! OBCs will also behave tlsheemves in relationship with SCs and STs in future when life in villages gets more and more urbanised, meaning the worth and importance of the individual as against the group begin to be valued. The labels 'SCs' and 'STs', too, will fall off. Improvement in social conditions in the lives of OBCs/ SCs/ STs will render caste identities imposed by Brahmins redundant and otiose. I mean, no religion will be contexulaised with castes. The orthodox Brahmins and their lickers' will have to revamp the core values of their religion in order to survive in the new world. The writings of Tilak, Hegdewar and Savarkar for brahminical glory will become a laughing stock. As Arul has pointed out time and again, our society should liberate itself from the brahminical values first. His is not a original idea: it is Periyaar's. If you conduct rig vedic yaga in your temple, no one but your relations and your lickers, is going to mind you. You and your lickers can do any thing : it wont impact the general society as a whole, unlike in the past when yours was the only religion and the Hindu social philosophy was to be observed by one and all.If at all there are quarrels between people, it wont be on the bases of castes from religion, but for the scramble for the scant resources and due to inequal distribution of such resources only. Such a scramble is a perennial and bitter reality of human life, as you know. [url=]occiwao[/url] [link=]opywjd[/link]

seven and a half years ago

در 4:29 pmmohsen میگوید:ghable eezjvadam moshaver be man goft ke ba in case ke dar nazar dari ezdevaj nakon va alan afsoos mikhoram ke chera be harfesh gush nakardam va alan bad az 2 sal zendegie msohtarak daram az ahmsaram joda misham

seven and a half years ago

mali yu news man paryu but yes ma vayako kati paya word ko mineng vana maila bujana sayed ma jesti pathak la pane yesto word bujana ho la.jastai'kardi' deth vanako kaho ane bron' deth vanko k ho?

seven and a half years ago

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