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Mar 24, 2008

As the title of the show says we have some Sambuca shots on this show. Before the shots we find out a little about the latest guitar that Sam and Doc are working on. Doc also has some news items for us. We clear up an error we made on a previous show, with a special song as our way of saying sorry. There are listener calls and e-mails, along with another song from The Gumbo Brothers. Go to to hear more. The comment line is (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at

over thirteen years ago

I may not be drinking enough.

I Just came off of percs and Lortab I had been on for about 10 years. So a year and a half after back surgery, my surgeon Mr. Nyguen (not really, but he is asian.)took me off my meds, So I started drinkin\' again. I just stick to shots Alize Bleu.

I started listening about the same time Tim & Nanette started listening, I was just slow to let you know I was out here.

I\'m about 30 miles northeast of Tim in Cumming, GA. (Yes, Cumming.) They are naming the next town over \"Heavy Breathing\", \'cause it\'s so close to Cumming. Cumming is famous for being the birthplace of Hee Haw\'s Junior Samples and the racial tension of 1987 that led Oprah down here to do her stupid fucking show.