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Oct 27, 2011

The gang is back and are one step closer to not being able to take another step. An audio cable was blown so there was extra drinking time between podcast during the troubleshooting. There is some Paul Simon stories from when he came to town to record Graceland. Keith has a thirty year cymbal grudge. Correctly pronouncing tequila brands proves difficult. Doc dishes out The News and Stats And Facts. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Thanks for listening.

over seven years ago

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I agree that the randomness of the game can seem esivsxcee, but you can also mitigate a lot of problems by increasing your skill/knowledge of the game. I lost a ton when I started out but now I can win about half the games I play to completion; I restart after the first few sectors if I feel like I'm getting screwed, though.Boarding parties suck but you can do something: upgrade your doors. Depending on where they beam in you can often destroy the enemy's ship before the boarders reach any vital rooms, and then you can send your whole crew to fight them. Anti-Personnel drones are good too, but obviously that's luck based. My first win was with the Engi ship and an all Engi crew, and even though I got boarded several times I was able to deal with it because of the Blast Doors.You can also affect the drop rate depending on how you defeat enemies; letting them surrender usually nets you more resources like fuel/missiles/drone parts (and sometimes weapons/drones/modifications) while blowing them up gives you more scrap and a smaller amount of other stuff. If you can manage to kill their entire crew while leaving the ship intact you'll get WAY more stuff, too. You can do that with Boarding Drones, the Teleporter, and weapons like the Fire Beam and Anti-Bio Beam; upgrading your sensors really helps for that since you can see where the enemy is and target those rooms. The Engi ship is actually good at doing this too; if you pick up another Ion weapon you can lock down their oxygen while still keeping their shields/weapons down.My final piece of advice would be to NEVER PUT WEAPONS ON AUTOFIRE. Because of the way shields work you almost always want your stuff to fire simultaneously or in quick succession; since most weapons have different recharge rates autofire makes you waste shots bringing their shields down, and if you do that a lot you'll be wasting more money on repairs from drawn out fights.One last thing, the game is really easy to mod and you can find threads on the official forums detailing how to do so. If you need more scrap, want to change a ship's default crew/weapons/whatever, slow down the rebel fleet's pursuit rate all of that is easy to do because once you extract the game files everything is in plain text.Good luck man, keep at it and I'm sure you'll beat it eventually. [url=]fivqrgb[/url] [link=]juavnvj[/link]

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that Whale's FTL identity will shock us and also besacue we already have a wolf, of sorts, with Red.Except for Cora popping up in Mulan's corner of FTL, I would be absolutely sure she is the Queen of Hearts. Interesting observation about the heart on the cover of the book of spells. Hearts have so many meanings in OUAT they are what Cora and Regina use to kill, they are the ability to love that Regina sacrificed (except, perhaps, when it comes to Henry) when she killed her father, they are the love that is the most powerful type of magic I didn't mind Mulan as much this time besacue she had so much less screen time. I think the desert section of FTL just got a whole lot more interesting now that we know that Cora is in it.

seven and a half years ago

I need a SNV regular fealme edition! I love the ass shots and fake tits on these video chics just as much as the next man but damn.. where the everyday fealme thats sexy just because? str8 up good genes, not a good doctor!! u need to let me do a post just one time nigel.. i'll put a whole new spin on top of what u got already! [url=]mbjbblro[/url] [link=]zspeycv[/link]

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A bit susprired it seems to simple and yet useful.

seven and a half years ago

All Willis locations or just Florence?Do you have a list of items?Will you halgge?Would you be able to determine if you have a particular item coming available?Thanks