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Jul 19, 2010

Sam and Doc welcome "Dangerous Dane" from across the street to the podcast and proceed to drink once again. Doc sent The Negligable Nukes into the studio to do another track. The guys learned latin the same way everyone else did, from The Brady Bunch. As usual computer ignorance screws up listener e-mail but at CB's request Doc gives out the never told behind the scenes making of the porn film he was in in 1976,"Captain Lust." He then talks a bit about going to CBGB's after filming. There is a littli bit of Doc News and Doc finds out about Harvey Pekar's death. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Skype Insignificast between 9:00pm and 2:00am central Saturday's. Thanks for listening.

almost ten years ago

Doc Holliday: In Vino Veritas.
[In wine is truth. - Meaning - \"When I\'m drinking, I speak my mind.\"]

Johnny Ringo: Age Quod Agis.
[Do what you do. - Meaning - \"Do what you do best.\"]

Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus Apella, Non Ego. [The Jew Apella may believe it, not I. - Meaning -\"Oh I don\'t believe drinking is what I do best.\"]

Johnny Ringo: Eventus Stultorum Magister.
[Events are the teachers of fools. - Meaning - \"Fools have to learn by experience.\"]

Doc Holliday: In Pace Requiescat.
[Rest in peace - Meaning - \"It\'s your funeral!\"]