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Nov 2, 2007

It's business as usual on this episode. We have some of Sam's beer and work on that last jar of moonshine. There is a salute to 3 of  America's finest mothers. Doc and Keith have some Louisiana corruption updates with commentary from Sam. Keith and Sam remember the good times they had setting their Gandpa's farm on fire, and of course the stupid news. We are a little behind on posting shows so stay tuned for a couple of shows following right behind this one. Sam is going through some very painfull back procedures which you will probably hear about by show 28. Hi meekeekee glad to hear you are still with us, hope to hear from you soon. Leave your comments at (206)309-7308. E-mail us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes. Listen at podcast alley,, Podcast Pickle, or

thirteen and a half years ago

check your email guys I sent u something special