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Oct 27, 2007

We were probably the most sober we've ever been for this show (especially Doc). You might not be able to tell the difference. After the usual greetings we get right to Sam's new beer. Doc tells us about being back at work on all the shows coming to town. He also tells us who is in those Sesame Street costumes, and about sneeking a peek at some costume changes. Keith talks about the time he played in the band for a weeks run of Anything Goes for very little money. We play a call from a new listener, C.B. from Chicago. Sam tells about the time he took one of his favorite drugs and lost a few days. We also manage to squeeze in some stupid news and comment. Get on the show like our new pal C.B. by calling 206-309-7308. You can also be a part of the show by e-mailing us at Subscribe to the show at iTunes.  Listen at Podcast Alley, Podcast Planet, Podacast Pickle,, or at Our websight is After you listen to us listen to our friends at

thirteen and a half years ago

Hey you guys Im still here. I just have been really busy, but I am about to have my home computer up and I just got a new phone so I promise I will make more of an effort to part of the show as a loyal listener. Doc- wake up man I cant believe you forgot about the show about Lobster boy, come on! Dont be a slacker. I am actually at work listening to the show right now and as soon as I heard that you guys thought I came to my senses and stopped listening I had to immediately correct this myth! Ok talk at ya later.