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Sep 6, 2007

This was really a fun show to do. We started out by thanking Tim and Nanette from the For Whatever Reason show for their support, then we give them a call on their comment line. Check out their show it's great. After we do a couple of news stories and talk a little we decide to pause to grab a beer and that is when all hell breaks loose. Sam and Keith's cousin Marcus show up at the door, followed by Sam's girlfriend Cookie and her friend, 22 year old Kelly, who happens to be hot. They all join in the show and we have a great time. We find out about Kelly, and Doc tells us about scaring the crap out of people on his rides when he was a carny. Cookie tells her own story about almost dying on a carnival ride, but she didn't care because she was high. There are a few Cajun phrases that I'm sure you will be able to figure out, and Marcus is just being Marcus. It's a crazy fun show. E-mail us at

almost fourteen years ago

You MUST keep doing the corrupt politician segment! That was guys rock!