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Nov 8, 2008

Sorry the show is so late. There were some problems with the files on the first edit. On this show Keith has some stupid news, and there is listener feedback. Jeffery sent us a song he says is right up our alleys. We have a pre-election interview with John McCain. Doc closes things out with more news. Call us at (206) 309-7308, or send e-mails to Support those who support us, check out and

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
twelve and a half years ago

Hello one and all and of course Cookie,
Can we have a play by play coverage by Larry King of mocking a mime?
The funniest thing I can say about Captain Lust the movie was the parrot.
The other good thing about the movie it was made pre-silicone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with natural things. Speaking of cans.
I have a question for Senator McCain. Has he watched \"Nailin Palin\" yet and if he has what did he think of it?
Catfluffers Unite
Ladies and gentleman please have a great week.