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Oct 11, 2008

On the second half of the show the booze starts to take effect. We remember the days of cruising on the weekend, and Tony tells us about his sweet customized ride from the 70's. Along with Doc's news there is some really good feedback from listeners on this show. We all wish Tony well with his new job and new home, and hope to have him back on real soon.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
twelve and a half years ago

Hello One and All including Cookie,
\"Turn daddy turn\".
\"Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia. He came to fight the Turkish\".
Back in high school, I had a 75 Nova with the rear suspension shot to hell. It was beat to hell on the inside.
Isn\'t Captain Lust the original \"Easy Rider\"?
Always remember this folks, having too much of Insignificast is always a good thing.
Tim I wish you the best of the best over there in North Carolina.