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Dec 29, 2008

Sam and Doc discuss Tom Moon book, Doc news, The Gumbo Brothers Family Christmas, and ask Dr. Doc. There may or may not be moonshine involved. Thanks for listening. Comment line (206) 309-7308

Dec 23, 2008

The drinking and rambling continues, we answer mail and listen to The Gumbo Brothers Family Christmas along with some Doc News. Give us a call at 206-309-7308 and go to for listening!

Dec 20, 2008

Doc dishes out advice, Doc news, phone trouble, and Cartman sings. Listen to a little Gumbo Brothers Family Christmas. Check out for listening. Call the comment line at 206-309-7308

Dec 17, 2008

Sam and Doc's top 10 best bad movies, Doc news, The Gumbo Brothers Family Christmas, and distressing calls...thanks for listening. Comment line...206-309-7308...check out for their new christmas cd.

Dec 13, 2008

Episode 112 was thrown together to let you know we are still alive. Keith is taking some time Sam and Doc will have a real show prepared for 113. Thanks for listening to our drunken ramblings.