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Aug 23, 2008

Tony B. is back with us for our celebration of Elvis Death Day. It is the anniversary of Elvis's death and we do a really long and slightly sick tribute to the King of Rock and Roll. The show is saved, however, by a call from Jake and friends who do a shot for us. Jake's hot friend Jennifer is subjected to the usual Doc interrogation, and then is hit on by Sam. We also have feedback from Jeffery, and Doc's story about another Memphis death, Isaac Hayes. The comment line is (206) 309-7308. E-mail us at

eleven and a half years ago

I\'m gonna say 55 pounds on the Elvis colon trivia, i think I remember reading about it being distended.

I also love the stoned, bloated Elvis better than the trim, fit Elvis.

I\'ve read every book written by members of the \"Memphis Mafia\", and wish I could have been there to see \"E\" do all his crazy shit.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
eleven and a half years ago

Hello one and all,
Doc just plead the fifth whenever you are asked about Elvis\'s death.
My guess on Elvis\'s colon trivia is 65 pounds.
Remember just say no to fried bananas and peanut butter sandwiches.
The catfluffers local union 69 salutes Elvis for Elvis is an honorary member.
I can only imagine if Elvis were to say \"FUCKADY\"