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Aug 12, 2008

This was the most frustrating show we've ever done. From the audio, to the computers, to the people on the show, we had problems with every one. But you guys demand a show, no matter how bad, and that is exactly what we will deliver. We have the usual stupid news, and we find out that Linda McCartney was not in the band Wings because of her singing talent. C.B. and Jeffery give us a little feedback. Complain about this show at (206) 309-7308, or send your complaints by e-mail to

Jeffrey President of the Nebraska Chapter\"69\" of Doc\'s and Ca
eleven and a half years ago

Sam, Keith, Doc, Tony, Screamer and of course Cookie,
The only complaint I have is that I am not able to get some good southern food that you seem so adapt of making. Keep up the kick ass work guys.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
eleven and a half years ago

Obit Pics
Doc = Nostrudomis
Sam = Jimmy Paige
Keith = Jack Roush
Screamer my obit picture will probably have me riding a horse bareback in my birthday suit through my local downtown area.
Guys and Cookie take care of yourselves.