The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!

The gang is back and even more booze has been purchased. Blacks can't get married in a southern church. There is some Doc News and some Science Sodomy. Ern does Poop Culture. Dane hits the Hard Rock Casino for some gambling, food, and fun. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Thanks for listening.

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  • Consumer Advisory Services have phoned me seavrel times since my last post. I have been scammed up to about a34000 and CAS have offered to claim it back for me but they do not insist on this (fee of a3600) and they are very helpful in their advice.Clearwhitelight's experience is nothing like mine, and the phone number he gives does not match the recognised one. I suspect he is being scammed by a copycat. Full names have always been given to me only two have phoned, the latest doing so because my initial contact is ill.The latest comment I received was that since my payments to the scam companies are only a few weeks old, I should have no difficulty activating what she called a clawback from my credit card.

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  • I could do it myself but I nedeed to be very careful how I worded everything to the Credit Card company I used to pay for it. They also said that while they could not get a refund of Excalibur's payment, I would be able to that in April, and I could have refund of the CCC membership around March. I paid them using my credit card but because two of my cards were maxed out, they have accepted half the money, saying that the contract has been sent out to me and they would be in touch several times during the next month to keep me updated, and I could pay the other half of the fee next month. So call me foolish if you like, but I really need to get my finances back on track and I have been so stressed out by all of this that I'm prepared to risk it. Watch this space.

    posted by: Milan on 2013-11-23 06:29:18

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  • Just received cold call today from Consumer Advisory Solutions using telhneope number 08458620145 from someone calling themselves Lee (he declined to give me his surname) offering Free Consumer Advice on how to rid ourselves of either Timeshare or Holiday Club ownership.Other than a name and telhneope number he had no other details about our ownership. When pressed as to how he had obtained our details he stated it was because we turned up on his database as someone that had made a complaint at some time in the past. Again when pressed he he kept referring to something called a Public Complaint Service and that was how CAS had our number, however it was all very vague to say the least. One thing that was much clearer was to tell him about our past or present ownership and confirm certain details so he could arrange for someone to ring back within 48 hours. Things deteriorated pretty rapidly from here as I stated I would not divulge such details to him. Certainly not following a cold call even if offering so called Free advice. The fact he was also reluctant to provide me with more information about CAS itself and what they were actually offering equally led to a further impasse. It should be interesting to see whether we receive a follow up call although I strongly suspect we will not.

    posted by: Daira on 2013-11-22 19:34:40

  • We initially had RCI Points we no loengr wanted so decided to sell them (the biggest mistake ever) We were cold called by Incentive Leisure Group (UK) Limited and attended a presentation where we were conned out of 8870 pounds plus 75 pounds annually, entering into a contract to purchase a Designer Way Vacation Club Membership and stupidly believing we would be entitled to Reclaim the cost to us at the end of a 51 month term (a means to an end or so we thought), now Incentive Leisure Group (UK) Limited have dissolved and were stuck with another holiday membership we don't use or want.We've been contacted by Ramirez and Ramirez Legal Consultants in Malaga Spain (as well as many other resale companies) claiming they could take on our case and on our behalf recover the money we have lost. I Googled them and found nothing but negative feedback.We have most recently been contacted by Beauregard Marketing Solutions, they are not registered at Companies House and when I asked why was told by Louise they have decided not to, purely because of cost They are asking for 1495 pounds retention up front, as they have a buyer for our DWVC Membership (NOT Timeshare) Mr & Mrs Walker who are offering 10,200 pounds and on completion (4-8 weeks) we will receive our 1495 pounds back from Beauregard Marketing Solutions (cash holding division) I asked Louise about Fleetmar Developments and she denied my money would go to them. Whats in it for Beauregard Marketing Solutions? Well they will receive their 10% commission direct from the customer once we have received our money, and all paperwork has been exchanged via DHL couriers. We would be more than happy to accept 10,200 pounds, but were not willing to pay anymore money up front even if it is a retention that we will receive back in a few weeks time or not!!!I would be glad to see a positive end result to our dilemma, and all the thousands if not millions of people who have been unlawfully ripped off but in all honesty I cant see that happening!!!

    posted by: Mansur on 2013-11-22 10:06:38

  • My parents were rentecly contacted by Beauregard, and unfortunately fell for the required Insurance premium payment of a31,100+ against a offer of a36,000+ for their DWVC package. They just want to right some of the mistakes they made getting in to these investments and get some of their money back, so unfortunately they welcome these people with open arms when they call.Anyhow, I spoke to Charlie Barrett at some length on my parents behalf, and I got all the usual chat about being a reputable company trading for 9 years as a travel agents, but alarm bells were triggering all over the place (1) claimed that they wouldn't have been granted their credit card facilities if they hadn't proved themselves to the banks, this is bogus as their payments are taken by a 3rd party Fleetmar !(2) claimed to be based at Regents Place, in Euston Road, a name that may give them an air of respectability to some, but when I queried the telephone number from the call was coming from (01708) being Romford, Essex, I causally asked where abouts they were, as I had grown up in that area knew it quite well. Not only could Charlie not tell me the address as he had only been in that office 2 days, as he travelled from office to office, no-one around him could tell him the address either.(3) when questioned why their client was willing to pay for the package, the claimed that they used the access to cheap timeshare properties was invaluable to them.(4) claimed to have been successfully reselling DWVC holiday packages for years, and had thousands of satisfied customers, but when asked to speak to one of these customers, was told it was not possible, due to the data protection act, then asked that they had one call me, I am still waiting !!These type con mercharts make my blood boil, and need to be stopped.I am tempted to visit these people's offices (if they are actually based there) but I doubt I would ever get to see anyone who could actually make a difference.The only honourable thing that this company has done is not process the payment, when I asked them to. In this way, I somehow think that the lady called Eve in their legal department does in fact have a concience, or knows the law very well. in that unless documentation and authorisation is 100% correct, that they will cross the line and leave themselves open for prosecution !!The sooner these companies are put out of business the better !!!

    posted by: Sharon on 2013-11-21 18:13:30

  • Elderly neighbour cold-called 02/11/2012 by Susan Watts of TRINITY, Apartado de Correos 11001, 07010 Mallorca, ofnfireg a35,000 for her 1 week timeshare in Spain, and asking for a3907.50 advance payment by international transfer to an account in Palma for administration fees . Letter was received from Trinity with details of account to which advance payment is to be transferred (IBAN: ES67 0061 0180 6101 0605 0119, SWIFT: BMARES2M), but no description of service to be supplied or Terms and Conditions. Neighbour has been target of multiple Timeshare scams in the past, including one by KPK Marketing, Kensington High Street, London. Interesting to note the UK contact number for Trinity is identical to the one used by KPK Marketing: 0845 303 2794. Trinity is obviously operating a Timeshare resale scam specifically designed and targeted at the elderly. Makes me feel sick!

    posted by: Rosi on 2013-11-21 01:58:25

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