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Dec 2, 2010

The guys are back and the Blood Alchohol Content is steadily rising. There is some Stats and Facts. Obama has a lip injury. The gang calls Bullshit on Rick Springfield and Dick Van Dyke. A racist old lady assaults a postal worker. Fox does not report on one of their reporters. Human Centipede is now streaming on Netflix. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Skype Insignificast between 9pm and 2am central Saturday's. On Twitter Doc is doctordoc and Sam is samtard. On Facebook Sam is samfrominsignificast. Thanks for listening.

five and a half years ago

QuotesChimp solution to this problem would be to create a new state office: Public Advocate. The job of Public Advocate would be to take the side of the average insurance consumer when matters of premium rate increases, insurance policy wording, insurance legislation, or other issues of vital import to consumers are being debated in the legislature or decided by the insurance commissioner. A Public Advocate would have the time, money, information, and ability to effectively represent the consumer's point of view. This is extremely important from my perspective because I do not believe that the consumer is adequately rep�resented in government. This new office would balance the equation.

almost six years ago

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almost six years ago

that “Freedom Vacation” had gone bankrupt and then he drove us to their ociffe in Los Cristianos, to confirm this, the ociffe was vacant. My wife and I were distraught that our savings of 6 months previous were gone and we had nowhere to officially stay in Tenerife.We returned to BHC where we were told that all was not lost. Mr Gordon made an appointment with us to visit the Sales Team ociffe. We were desperately unhappy when the sales team told us our a311,000.00 paid to Freedom Vacation was lost, but Mr Gordon reassured us that we would get this amount of money back, plus a lot more by investing a325,000.00 in their scheme. We stayed with Mr Gordon from around 10.00am to about 5.00 – 5.30pm that day. We were treated in a very kind manner and the staff were very sympathetic and told us not to worry as we were almost in tears at our predicament. We gave Mr Gordon a lot of information about our private lives, my job working overseas, our finances, savings etc after being asked in confidence to impart that information. We were often referred to a Mr Carl . the manager of Mr Gordon, who reassured us that what was being offered was genuine and was probably the only way to get our money back. They treated us as if we were all friends, acknowledging other clients at the same time, and assuring us that they would look after us, saying how terrible it was that the other company had taken our money.We were shown Newspaper clippings, brochures and a video of on-line information of how large and reputable their company was. They stated that there were only 5 timeshare companies in the world that could re-sell a timeshare and were legally entitled to sell them on. They berated all the other companies that gave timeshare a bad name. They showed us all the alternative holiday destinations in USA, Caribbean, Dubai and other locations. We spent a considerable amount of time being told how the repayment system worked and the best part was that they would send us a cheque for a33,000 plus for rental payment, to pay for the first year`s repayments. We kept some of the explanatory notes written by Mr Gordon so that we could discuss them privately when he left us alone at his desk.We were constantly bombarded with sales talk and at this time we felt compelled to stay as they had given us free accommodation.When we asked questions about the “investment” and how we would get money back, he said other people like us joined the scheme and normally within 18 months the sale would go through and it never really extended beyond that period. The money invested gained interest and that is what we would gain. The new “Investors loan” like ours, would be passed on to us to pay off the loan we`d taken out through Barclays Finance. When asked why he (Mr Gordon) didn’t do this scheme himself to make some money ie. take out a loan and do the same as he was telling us to do, he replied that it would be insider trading and it would be illegal for himself and the staff to participate in this scheme. He proudly showed us his $ 1 million dollar sales trophy he had won, and his family home photographs in Tenerife which he said the commission pays for, so we both gain from the transactions. What they told us was very plausible but we were getting tired and uncomfortable after being in the ociffe for so long, with the process seeming to be prolonged with bouts of business talk, social chatter and being left alone, waiting for the next piece of information.We were often pointed towards other people, some quite elderly, who we were told, come back year after year and it was a source of income to them. We were never introduced to these other clients and we never had the opportunity as we seemed to be escorted or “looked after” when we went outside for some fresh air. My wife and I never seemed to be left alone except at Mr Gordon`s sales desk with other staff hovering around.We were informed that because I worked overseas and I personally could not guarantee being available for a holiday at a fixed time, this could be fixed for us to take a holiday if we gave them some advanced notice. Asking about if I could not make a holiday week, I was informed they could rent our week out and we could get extra payment for that and we couldn’t lose. It never occurred to me that if they were re-selling after 18 months this should not be an issue and this point was not mentioned by them.After what seemed to be a very long day, they asked us for our credit card to verify we were creditworthy. They took the card away to carry out credit checks on us.My wife and I knew we were ok for a credit check as we did not owe any money to anyone and we had already informed them that our house was paid for with no mortgage and we had no debts as we pay cash for everything. When the credit card was returned we were informed that all was in order and we were congratulated and escorted to a room containing a rather stern-looking gentleman. Whilst in this room the gentleman appeared very strict and orderly without any friendliness. He read out a long list off acts from a sheet and at the end he asked if we understood what he had said. We were fairly exhausted by this time and felt compelled with the atmosphere not to ask any questions. He placed the papers across the table, pointing where to sign. It felt a relief to leave the room afterwards and I said to my wife that this person seemed to be there, not to give assurance, but to get the business done and over with. It was not a comfortable meeting, and was in stark contrast to our treatment in the sales room. We were not told of any cooling off period before or after signing the final forms.That night I felt so sick and I hardly slept, the enormity of what we had signed for had sunk in. I felt totally stressed and this had all happened within 24 hours of arriving in Tenerife. The next morning Mr Gordon came to our room with a bottle of celebratory wine for us. I told him how I felt and he told me that this was a normal reaction to many of his clients and that it was alright and we would soon see the benefits and to relax and enjoy

almost six years ago

I was just contacted by this coamnpy in regards to a job application. Upon setting up an interview with them I did some more research and found out they were not a coamnpy I wanted to pursue a relationship with. I am posting the information (location, phone) that I received in an email for your reference. The email was not signed and came from , but Google could not confirm it.==-==CASTLE MARKETING400 West Cummings ParkCUMMINGS PLAZA office buildingWoburn, MA 018011st FLOOR Suite 1200O: 781-281-0028Hi Robert,It was great speaking with you today! As a reminder, I have you scheduled for an interview for 11/29/2012 10:00 AM. Please remember to dress in a professional manner and to bring a hard copy of your resume. Feel free to give me a call if you have any trouble finding us. I look forward to meeting you!Regards,==-== [url=]xdploaeihns[/url] [link=]atbpckegq[/link]

almost six years ago

that there was a client in there fuoilnrega office who had offered a39500:00 for it, (this is a37500 more than I paid origionaly ) and that all I had to do was give them a31450:00 as security against me not giving them the signed documents that could be transfired to said client and that when the deal went thro' I would receive my security plus the a39500:00 and that this would take about 4 weeks. When I told them that I would be in in fuoilnrega the next day and I was staying for 5 weeks and that I would have the signed documents with me, and that I could drop them off and pick up my money preferably in cash, they said it could not be done like that. When I pointed out that this was the most secure way to get documents to them they still said that it could not be done this way. I then told them the best con men were very believable and that they were very very believable they put the phone down. Ian Barron.

almost six years ago

Hi,We are from Spain, Catalonia area. We have received svaerel calls from Castle Marketing last months of March and April. They speak spanish and has asked us if we want to transfer our shared time. They have invited us to a meeting in a hotel, where it would appear, they consultants are going to spend time to advise us about the best way to transfer our shared time without costs.We don't rely in this kind of companies, and after reading the information posted in this web, we declined this invitation.Some things about this company:1. They don't say nothing interesting and categorical in his web about the services they offer.2. They are not compliant with the Spanish LSSI law (the information society services law), which requires companies publish some relevant information, and the contact data, in his web.3. They are using our private data without our consent, which is not compliant with the rigorous Spanish LOPD law (private data protection law). This can be denounced to the spanish private data protection agency.4. They always call from a hidden phone number, and you can't call him for nothing. You only can contact him using the contact form in the web page, and you have to wait they call you.5. If you want to confirm a meeting with the consultants, you have to accept the cancellation conditions without read it. They are not availaible in the web page.6. More .? [url=]kbnjiqmd[/url] [link=]arnrthg[/link]

almost six years ago

Elderly neighbour cold-called 02/11/2012 by Susan Watts of TRINITY, Apartado de Correos 11001, 07010 Mallorca, ofnreifg a35,000 for her 1 week timeshare in Spain, and asking for a3907.50 advance payment by international transfer to an account in Palma for administration fees . Letter was received from Trinity with details of account to which advance payment is to be transferred (IBAN: ES67 0061 0180 6101 0605 0119, SWIFT: BMARES2M), but no description of service to be supplied or Terms and Conditions. Neighbour has been target of multiple Timeshare scams in the past, including one by KPK Marketing, Kensington High Street, London. Interesting to note the UK contact number for Trinity is identical to the one used by KPK Marketing: 0845 303 2794. Trinity is obviously operating a Timeshare resale scam specifically designed and targeted at the elderly. Makes me feel sick! [url=]pkhtdxumsx[/url] [link=]swccnvqt[/link]

almost six years ago

Rather than a weekly uptade, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don't usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year's data as yesterday's' data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.