The Most Unnecessary Show Ever!!

Sam and Doc drink and decide to try out recording the podcast through an old school preamp and limiter/gate to get rid of some of the background noise and bleeding, and it's fun looking at the lights and meters. Miles from Static Radio gives us a cool shout out from a Star Trek convention. Doc talks about his dog Elrod and his boxing cat. Doc really did his homework for his new science segment and was giddy as a schoolgirl doing it. The guys do an advert for Insignificast's oldest sponser. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Skype Insignificast between 9:00pm and 2:00am central Saturday's. Thanks for listening.

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  • Thanks for your shout out to The Gunkcast during this episode Sam!

    posted by: Smidge Kurdlebaum on 2010-07-09 03:46:00

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