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Jul 12, 2008

That's right the show is an hour and a half long, but when you hear it you will know why it is so long. Tony B. joins us and he is still tired. Along with some news from Keith and Doc, Screamer paid us a surprise visit with Doc's newest fan, Leslie. Leslie brought Doc a gift and had many more surprises in store for all of us. It was alot of fun. Tim called in with a subliminal message for Sam about the band Player. As if that wasn't enough, we called Jake in Atlanta. You won't believe what he does for a living or what he has to tell us about what happened to him at work tonight. It is not for those with a weak constitution. It was just one of those shows that was hard to end. Call us at (206) 309-7308, or send your e-mails to

Jeffrey from Nebraska
ten and a half years ago

This was the best show by far. It had everything-tons of guests, titties, non thong wearing females, Doc showing why he is DOCTOR LUST, lots of alcohol, Sam picking on poor Doc and least I forget it also had a FUCKADY. Poor Doc nobody sticks up for him but he of course had his deeply motivated interview with Leslie which showcased his interviewing talents. Hell this was one kick ass episode and there is not enough to room for me to write down all the good shit about it. Take care guys and have a kick ass week.