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Oct 14, 2010

The gang is back and sheep are nervous. There is some Doc News and some Ask Dr. Doc. Pierre gets to a little Conspiracy Theory stuff. The guys go through some songs that are supposed to make men cry. A lot of drinking and conversation...because we have nowhere else to go, we hope you enjoy. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Skype Insignificast between 9:00pm and 2:00am central Saturday's. Thanks for listening.

eight and a half years ago

The Pearl Jam cover is \"Last Kiss\" originally by Wayne Cochran.
The movie was \"From Here to Eternity\".
Louden Wainright III did the most successful cover of \"hallelujah\".

eight and a half years ago

A list of songs that could possibly make me cry:

1.\"Wildfire\"- Michael Martin Murphey
2.\"Kern River\"-Merle Haggard
3.\"A Good Year For The Roses\"-George Jones
4.\"Hello In There\"- John Prine
5.\"Teddy Bear\"- Red Sovine
6.\"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald\"- Gordon Lightfoot
7.\"Pale Blue Eyes\"- The Velvet Underground
8.\"Luka\"- Suzanne Vega
9.\"Old Shep\"- Red Foley
10.\"The River\"- Bruce Springsteen
11.\"Hurt\"-The Johnny Cash version
12.\"Coat Of Many Colors\"- Dolly Parton
13.\"Gram Parsons\"- Hickory Wind
14.\"Saturday\"- Sparklehorse
15.\"God Only Knows\"-The Beach Boys
16.\"Ode to Billy Joe\"- Bobby Gentry
17.\"Georgia on my Mind\"-Ray Charles
18.\"The Beast In Me\"-Nick Lowe
19.\"I\'m Your Puppet\"- James & Bobby Purify
20.\"These arms of mine\"-Otis Redding
21.\"The Needle and the damage done\"-Neil Young

Damn, didn\'t realize it was going to be that many! I Guess I\'m a big pussy!

eight and a half years ago

The version of \"Hallelujah\" they were thinking of was the one by Jeff Buckley.

\"Everybody Hurts\" makes me cry for the same reason as Sam.

I\'ll give Adam a dollar if the next time you do this he doesn\'t say \"What\'s this?\" as soon as you start each clip.

Just like Jacob.