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Aug 2, 2010

The guys gather to have some drinks and go through some old porn that Doc brought over. In Science Sodomy Doc tells us where babies come from. A local bar has it's 30th anniversary. Doc gives the News and there are shots and plenty of conversation. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit Skype Insignificast between 9:00pm and 2:00am central Saturday's. Thanks for listening.

almost nine years ago

Alex, related to Ern or Dan the nerd?

almost nine years ago

Glad to have you around, Dane.

almost nine years ago

Hey Sam,

Can you please give the little dude with the \'tude a message for me?
2. Quit being a little dick.
3. Learn to respect your elders and women.
4. Expand your vocabulary...there are more adjectives and adverbs in the English language than the F-bomb. Your generation is ruining the value of the word because you can\'t complete a sentence without it.

Thanks Sam! Have a great show! (Hope I wasn\'t too rough on the little guy.)

almost nine years ago

Dane, Great guest. No complaints.