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Oct 9, 2009

The guys gather for a very laid back podcast...almost as if it was prescribed. We closely investigate a supposedly panty covered hoohoodiddy. We get to some Stats and Facts and wonder how on earth The Big Tards could be tied for first in Sams fantasy league. Sam is the only one who thinks the muppets are funny and Dr. Doc seems a bit grumpy, maybe he was vaporized. Thank God there was tequila to help us through the worst comedy routine ever. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308. Visit On twitter Doc is doctordoc and Sam is samtard. Thanks for listening.

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I agree with Ms. Terri, that Regina seems sincere right now. But, of cousre, tomorrow is another day. And she did change her mind and not burn the book stashing it away in case she might need it later.As far as Cora being the Queen of Hearts I don't know a lot about the Alice in Wonderland story (never was a fan) so I can't comment.But I will say this Mulan is getting on my nerves! Didn't like her last week and even though we only saw her for a short scene this week I didn't like her again. [url=]ejsarsikmx[/url] [link=]ihqucgf[/link]

over five years ago

This episode helps us urnenstadd how Regina gained her powers. Considering I thought she was born with them, I liked that they explaind that. I am also curious about why Rumple held Regina as a baby. Now onto the StoryBrooke timeline, everyone there is freaking out, which is urnenstaddable. Prince Charming to me though seems a little boring, so Im not to big of a fan of his. Snow White though I like, she is a fighter and has spunk. But my favorite is Regina/ Evil Queen, she has so much depth to her, she is so evil but inside all that hate is still good, which emerges in rare cases .You tend to love how evil she is but also are pulled in by her pain and want it to help her. As she gained her powers back in this new episode you saw her true colors return. Letting you know trouble is on its way. Overall, I liked the episode and have high hopes for the remainder of this season.

over five years ago

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