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Jul 10, 2009

Keith joins the guys a little ways in for some shots and beers. We do some Dr. Doc and some Doc News. We talk about what we did on the holiday, but mostly just have a good time. We try to get more info on the "raid" but Doc will not budge. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308 and visit On twitter Doc is doctordoc and Sam is samtard. Thanks for listening.

over five years ago

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over five years ago

Hi Tara, I've been encouraging Ern to get his Twitter prneesce moving for months, but he's been exceptionally busy curing the sick, and dealing with his publisher's requirements, and writing his next book. It's hard, isn't it, to try to fit in all of those things we want to do and must do in order to have a successful book in the Brave New World of publishing I love your book cover, and also your idea of reading from your book in your trailer it seems to really suit the theme. I'll be interested to see how your ideas for it develop!I'm also pleased to see that I was not the only writer to have a work-in-progress book cover mine appears in my wordcount in the sidebar, and I've been thinking of blogging about why I did it

over five years ago

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over five years ago

Wait, where's the ending? Did George ever make it out of his car? Or is he domeod to perform regular maintenence for the rest of time to atone for his crime of not checking his wife's car and thus causing her death.Yes I've given a backstory to George and completely misunderstood this video's purpose XDJks.

over five years ago

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Reading Dentists
nine and a half years ago

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nine and a half years ago

So Ern actually said something funny. Given, ten minutes later I can\'t remember what it was, but still.. I have to give credit where credit is due.

The most amusing moment of the show was when Ern was talking about how a true pro knew how to shut down a clueless heckler and Doc told Ern to shut up, and he did. Gold, my good sir. Pure gold.

As for your sayings during shots, Ern gets a zero for the ex-wife line. Bah. Find another topic. You have the potential to be funny, but you need to talk about something other than your ex-wife all the time.

And, Sam, my hate towards Larry King has nothing to do with the level of drinking. I just hate that bit. Love the show and your various antics, but the Larry King bit gets old after about ten seconds, at least for me.

Wow. I\'m the hate-filled critic of late, aren\'t I? Perhaps I should go eat some jellybeans....