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Nov 6, 2008

Surprise, the 1st half of the show is being posted early. That will give everyone plenty of time to complain about us allowing a 13 year old in the same room with Doc. Sam and Keith's cousin Rhonda and her son Dusty stop by and join in this half of the show. Doc's dog Elrod is also in the house. Sam is cooking chili and Doc is drunk. Doc is also sore from the work he has been doing. That's right, WORK. We have the usual drinking going on, and Doc and Dusty give us some stupid news. Give us a call at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
over ten years ago

Hello one and all and Elrod and of course Cookie,
Your answers to my last Hollywood Knight Movie Quotes quiz was of course correct.
Its great to see Doc in a better mood compared to the last podcast and of course it doesn\'t hurt when Doc is drunk.
Congrats to Doc on his floor job.
How big is the dog again Doc?
Sam, do you ever cook something in small batches? Cooking in large quantities is always a good thing because I am a man with a large girth.
My bad joke is my sex life.
According to IMDB the Hollywood Knight\'s release date was May 30, 1980.
Quiz time
I am calling..........
Don\'t you think.......
Lemme tell...........
You\'re going.........