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Oct 18, 2008

It's even later so more quick notes. Sam is still cooking pork. Keith is still broke, and Doc is still doing news. We do more shots and get out the breathalyzer. We also read your comments and play your calls. Call us. E-mail us. That's all again.

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
over ten years ago

Hello one and all again,
I almost forgot your weekly Hollywood Knights quiz so here it is.
1. Ladies...................?
2.Does have a...............?

over ten years ago

Line of the show - \"Come on down, Jeffrey!\"

Jeffrey President of Chapter \\\"69\\\"
over ten years ago

Hello one and all and of course Cookie,
Trust me that there is no evil sperm of mine out there walking around. It would truly be a FUCKADY type of deal if and whenever my love lotion gets out there in public.
Oh my god the last 15 minutes of the show was the best. I could not keep from laughing, going from the breathalyzer test results to when my name was metioned in various topics. I am truly not worthy.
You guys put a challenge out to me asking for the name of the key grip for the movie Hollywood Knights. The name of the gentleman is Gary Todd and Gerald H. Boatright was the best boy on the movie. My shirt size is 3x.
The gas up here in Nebraska is $2.42/gallon.
Guys have a great show and an awesome week.