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Oct 4, 2008

On part 2 of the show Doc's sister Claudine is with us again and she has more stories about Doc in his youth. She also shows great skills as a news announcer. Keith gives Sam his Birthday present a little early, and Sam plays with it. We have shots and e-mails, and Doc tells us about his family's involvement in the moonshine business. Call us at (206) 309-7308, or e-mail us at

over five years ago

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Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
ten and a half years ago

Hello one and all,
Happy birthday to Sam.
Remember Doc to always plead the fifth when you asked about anything.
I am not worthy of being played in by Sam. Thank you very much Sam but I am truly not worthy of it.
Let the cat have it.
Speaking of cats, CATFLUFFERS unite.