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Sep 4, 2008

The hurricane has passed and we all made it through in one piece. Tony B. is still with us for this one. On show 100 we talk about what is to come with future shows. We also remember some past shows with a few clips added in. Listen to our condition quickly deteriorated after we finish the moonshine that Tony brought to us from North Carolina. After we thank everyone who has stuck with us for the first 100 shows there is an encore performance from the Negligable Nukes. Don't forget to call us at (206) 309-7308, and send e-mails to

Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
ten and a half years ago

Tim, there are always exceptions to the rules. We will forgive you for \"liking corndogs\" but as punishment for this lowly deed you must consume two shot of moonshine with no waiting period in between.

ten and a half years ago

I got the T-shirt today!
Thanks again, and thank God it doesn\'t have that \"Doc smell\".


Jeffrey President of Chapter \"69\"
ten and a half years ago

Hello one and all,
Happy 100th episode guys.
If a person wants to know what Doc is like, they are going have to listen to this episode. Episode 100 shows off Doc\'s best side.
If there was a theme song for this episode, would it be \"Rock You Like A Hurricane\" by Scorpions.
At long last, the story of the creation of history aka Insignificast.
You are guys are the best of the best and fuck the rest.
Rule #1 for Doc\'s fan club members is \"NO CORNDOGS ALLOWED\".
A 3 hour show equals a good pony keg of Fat Tire beer. There is nothing better.
Catfluffers unite.

ten and a half years ago

But I **like** corn dogs...

What do you think the rabbit\'s for?