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Jul 13, 2009

The guys gather for more mirth and mayham. After quick greetings and some small talk we have a celebration of mediocrity.  We listen to a disturbing homage to Micheal Jackson and remember Basketball Jones. We get some Stats and Facts and have a lot of fun sharing alchohol and stories. We also pay some bills by bringing back one of our old sponsors. Call the comment line at (206) 309-7308 and visit On twitter Doc is doctordoc  and Sam is samtard. Thanks for listening.

nine and a half years ago

I like the long shows.
I Like the Larry King bit.
It just took me longer to read Tim\'s comment than it did to listen to #152.

I will join him in a celebratory aw Fuckity\" though.

nine and a half years ago

BTW, here\'s the Nazi doll listing on CraigsList, for the listeners.

nine and a half years ago

Thomas...Thanks for the Nazis, Doc was so happy to see them.

nine and a half years ago

I **DO NOT** hate all long podcasts. I hate long rambling podcasts. Jimmy Pardo can entertain me for 90 minutes. I can listen to This American Life for 60 minutes easily. My point about long podcasts is that most people fill the time they alot for the show rather than focusing on content and letting their show be as long as the content dictates. Podcasters tend to forget that if they were truly as entertaining as they thought they were, people would be PAYING then for their shows. Until that happens, everyone should constantly be focusing on shortening their shows and improving the content. 30 minutes of quality trumps 60 minutes of quantity any day in my book, and I include my own show in that assessment.

I listen to plenty of long shows, from Keith\'s ramble-fest to the 2-3 hours I devote to you insane, drunken bastards each week. I\'m not out to set the rules for everyone. I\'m just here to remind you to not be so self-indulgent. Hopefully I\'ll remember my own advice, too.

So have another shot, retire the Larry King bit (please!) and join me in a celebratory \"aw, fuckity!\"