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Apr 3, 2009

Keith's new show Stop Your Bitchin' is now available at Send e-mails to or call (206) 202-2617.

almost five years ago

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over five years ago

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over five years ago

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over five years ago

This article acveehid exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

over five years ago

Just buy one of these small flexible solar cells you can use to chrage your mobile phone. It would make a good demo of free energy (as long as you're in sunlight) for your friends and it's a lot smaller than 24 inches. However the technology level is too high for you to build one yourself.I notice other contributers often confuse free energy with perpetual motion . Whist the latter is definitely not on, there is lots of free energy around wind and sunlight are not invoiced by anyone and if you're lucky you might also be able to access a free water flow.EDIT : note to Mr Logic. Human power is rarely free. You have to eat more food if you excercise and food is normally not free.note to Mark V : of course there is free energy nobody will send you a bill for the wind or the sun on the roof of your house. In a sense it's all free there's just not enough easily available to meet humanity's greedy needs without considerable expense to access and process it. You'd better stick to geology. [url=]mxepjmpshyh[/url] [link=]frfnzmljeh[/link]

over five years ago

// //Dondu, you are hitting sierxs and boundaries.//எனக க இத த ன ஞ பகம வந த ச ச ..ஆள ல ல த ட கட ய ல ய ர க க ட ட ஆத த ற ..உன கடம உணர ச ச க க ஒர அளவ இல ல ய :) ///Ayya JoeSuperubu. go & check your tea shop firstu. Dondu gets more visits and replies than most of the bloggers.

over five years ago

I'm a reporter for that Brooklyn Paper (and a huge lover of you, Stephen!) and I would like to gaterene a tale about this, framing the story around a letter writer who's from Brooklyn. Are any of your upcoming letters about to be from Brooklyn folks? You should deliver me an email when you can. Thanks.